Signed: Every Woman

Supporting #GirlsGetEqual global movement with Plan International

Women’s Day Special

Fighting for voice, power, freedom & respect for women


All profits will be used to promote the rights and education of vulnerable girls

Let's help girls get equal
Let's help girls get equal
Let's help girls get equal
Let's help girls get equal
Let's help girls get equal
Let's help girls get equal

“My soul is fierce.

THIS IS A MOVEMENT FOR US ALL: This is How #GirlsGetEqual

On International Women's Day, we take the stairway to success in our commitment to women’s empowerment. We proudly introduce the Limited-Edition T-Shirt in support of the #GirlsGetEqual movement: a global campaign, led by the NGO Plan International Foundation, fighting for girls’ power, voice and leadership in 70 countries. By joining the cause, you will help excluded girls worldwide to have power over their own lives, so they can shape the world around them. The girls’ rights movement is changing our world but girls can’t achieve equality alone, they need allies. They need you. Let’s help #GirlsGetEqual.

My heart follows.”

POWERFUL BELIEFS: Design with Meaning

The L. Edition T-Shirt is a daily reminder of Strength, Confidence and Courage: the values we stand for and the ones we aspire to instil in every woman who trusts us, day after day. Women of Today inspired us to create this design, embracing the femininity which is built upon powerful beliefs.


Signed: Every Woman

PLAN INTERNATIONAL: Fighting for Girls’ Rights and Equality

  • Learning: Plan International supports girls in emergency situations to complete their education in a safe environment, by guiding governments to invest and fulfil their right to inclusive, quality education.
  • Leadership: They work to ensure that excluded girls have a stronger voice, that governments give them opportunities to express their opinions and reinforce laws that promote their rights.
  • Decision-making: They strive to ensure that girls have control over their own lives and public institutions act for their rights, securing their access to sanitary services and to live free from violence.
  • Prosperity: They work to ensure that girls grow up nurtured and without violence or fear, making governments and communities work together to end gender based violence and ask to avoid and respond to violence against children.

WE WON’T STOP: What We Fight For

  • Until #GirlsGetEqual FREEDOM: “We will defend girls’ rights to be safe wherever they are, and to speak up without fear of harassment or violence.”
  • Until #GirlsGetEqual POWER: “We will support girls in becoming leaders and take part in all decisions that affect their lives.”
  • Until #GirlsGetEqual STORIES: “We will call out discrimination and stereotyping where we see it, to make room for stories of girls’ power and achievements.”